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Sir William Russell Flint was, quite simply, one of the great masters of the art of watercolour painting. Indeed, so great was his talent, that he was honoured by being elected President of the Royal Watercolour Society in 1936, a position he held for twenty years. His extraordinary abilities were further recognised when he was knighted in 1947.

Russell Flint is best known for his portrayals of elegant women, his sensual figure paintings and nudes, his landscapes, and his pictures of exotic French castles and other Continental architectural subjects. As well as being an exceptional artist in watercolour, he also worked in oil and tempera, and was an accomplished printmaker too.

Many of Russell Flint's paintings and drawings were reproduced as prints to meet public demand for his work, and a selection of signed reproductions of his work are featured on our website.

Over 100 signed reproduction prints were published during the artist's lifetime from 1924 onwards, and a total of over 63,000 copies were sold.

Countless other reproductions of Russell Flint works have been produced in various sizes, published in open editions, as calendar prints, and so on, but these generally only have value as decorative items (i.e. they have little or no value), and are not available from, nor are any listed here.

This WilliamRussellFlintPrints website features a selection of signed Russell Flint prints for sale. All currently available prints can be seen by clicking the Available Russell Flint Prints link at the top or bottom of each page.

The site also features information about Russell Flint's life and career, and a comprehensive listing of all Russell Flint's signed prints.

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